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Tropitech ‘All in One’ is a premium quality 100% semi-transparent acrylic finish, which effectively seals the wood, resisting moisture penetration, rot, and decay. It contains an effective fungicide that resists mildew as well as a powerful UV screener that filters out the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, thereby slowing the ageing process of the wood.

The Tropitech system bonds “in” and “on” the wood to provide a tough, durable, lustrous finish that both protects and enhances the appearance, beauty, and character of the wood. It is available in 4 colours (Cedar, Movingui, Redwood, and Sedona).

Tropitech was originally designed for countries with intense heat and UV exposure and as such it provides exemplary protection. Crucially, the Tropitech system enables preparation and finish of your project to be completed the same day as it can be applied to wet wood as well as dry. It is water-based and quick drying making it simple and easy to use as well as environmentally friendly.

It really is a simple solution for wood care which lasts for years. Tropitech has to be applied to a pH neutral surface – this can easily be achieved by first applying a mix of Prepdeck, Bleach and water to the surface.

Ideal Uses for Tropitech ‘All in one’

  • Providing protection for high-traffic areas
  • Guarding against UV damage to sheds, summerhouses, and gazebos in sunny spots
  • Keeping the decking around a swimming pool at its best
  • Giving your garden office a new lease of life
  • Protecting softwood and hardwood decking
  • Preserving your garden furniture

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