Rust spirit

Rust spirit

Brand:Owatrol France
Product Code:Rust activator
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  • 130.00 SAR

Rust Spirit is a natural rust activator for creating decorative rust effects on ferrous metals or surfaces treated with Reactiv Leaf Rust.

Using Rust Spirit means you can easily and specifically choose how you want your new surface to turn out. Leaving something to rust and weather naturally can cause damage to the surface and you may not get the desire look you want.

The handy 500ml Rust Spirit spray means you can apply as much or as little rust as you like!

Ideal uses for Rust Spirit

  • To create a quick rust effect finish
  • Decorate home ornaments
  • Use on external garden surfaces
  • Create unique works of art
  • Change up your interior or exterior design
  • Be in control of how much rust you want

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