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Owatrol AP60 is an anti-corrosive primer for protecting both new and old rusted surfaces. It penetrates to below the residual rust, saturating it, and seals the underlying sound surface to form a stable layer. This gives exceptional protection against corrosion and weathering and creates a strong, stable layer for other finishes to adhere to. AP60 can be overcoated with any single pack paint or can be left unfinished in one of the 4 available colours. It uses Owatrol Oil alongside pigments and resins picked specifically for their anti-corrosive properties.

AP60 is suitable for use on all types of surface – as well as metal it can be used on plastics, wood, fibrous cement and more.

Galvanised surfaces do not require pickling prior to use. In addition, AP60 can also be used on brand new metal, adhering exceptionally well to clean, bright steel.

It is perfect for use on automotive parts, fibrous cement roofs, machinery, steel structures, fences, railings, guttering and more.

Ideal Uses for AP60

  • Perfect for preventing rust on fencing, railing, gates and guttering
  • Providing long-term protection for machinery and automotive parts
  • Guarding against the effect of weathering on steel structures and fibrous cement roofs
  • Forms a sound surface on plastic and wood surfaces for other finishes to adhere to
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Adheres well to clean, bright steel

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