Product Code:Aquadecks
  • 120.00 SAR

Aquadecks is a penetrating water-based wood finish that leaves a long-lasting, rich, matt finish for all woods. This includes exotic hardwoods.
For easy application, Aquadecks is ready to use, dries quickly and has a low odour.

Because Aquadecks saturates and stabilizes wood it has minimal cracking, warping and other damage caused by UV rays and moisture.

Due to Aquadecks being non-film forming (no peeling or flaking) this makes it easy to maintain without the need for sanding and stripping.

Ideal uses for Aquadecks

  • For exterior or interior wood.
  • Hardwoods such as Ipé, Ironwood, Mahogany and Teak.
  • Softwoods such as Pine, Spruce, Cedar, Pressure treated woods etc.
  • Horizontal and vertical surfaces such as decks, fences, outdoor furniture or cladding.

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